Thursday, 10 July 2014

bonsai history

it comes from associate ancient Chinese husbandry observe, a part of that was then redeveloped beneath the influence of Japanese Zen Buddhism. it's been around for run out one thousand years. the last word goal of growing a tree is to make a miniaturized however realistic illustration of nature within the style of a tree. tree don't seem to be genetically dwarfed plants, in fact, any tree species will be wont to grow one.
Techniques like pinching buds, pruning and wiring branches, and punctiliously limiting however not abandoning fertilizers square measure wont to limit and direct healthy growth. most ordinarily unbroken beneath four feet (or a couple of meter) tall, tree don't seem to be genetically dwarfed plants. However, plants with smaller leaves do build these compositions easier to style. In fact, any plant species that contains a woody stem or trunk, grows true branches, will be with success mature during a instrumentation to limit its roots/food storage capability, and has smaller or reducible-leaves will be wont to produce a tree.

Monday, 16 June 2014


welcome to the world of bonsai,i am sure you will enjoy this is mainly meant for the bonsai lovers and growers,i would like to present every thing about bonsai,the plants ,pots,fillings etc.